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Why should I choose FuckU-FuckMe(tm)?

FuckU-FuckMe is the most powerful, pleasurable, inexpensive, and only dual-party Internet remote intercourse tool on the market today.

How does FuckU-FuckMe compare to competing technologies?

FuckU-FuckMe is the only product in its class, and cannot be reasonably compared to other remote communication tools. Where they differ sharply is in the advanced, powerful and efficient protocol architecture and new haptic-compression algorithms FUFME has designed into FuckU-FuckMe.

How many users can be involved at the same time?

FuckU-FuckMe is designed for two users only, as it is based on the paradigm of traditional heterosexual intercourse. While FuckU-FuckMe does not object to alternative sexual activities, users should be aware that any use other than described in the manual is at users' own risk.

Aren't real-time media applications "bandwidth hogs"?

Some are. Like other real-time applications, FuckU-FuckMe uses the UDP protocol in order to prevent transmission delays that would make interactive communication impossible. UDP doesn't have built-in flow control, so a poorly designed UDP application can tie up a big chunk of network bandwidth. For example, some real-time streaming and Internet phone products send data at a constant rate determined by the user's system, regardless of how congested the network might be. This can result in greatly degraded performance for other network users.
FuckU-FuckMe, on the other hand, has been carefully designed to continually monitor network congestion and to adjust its transmission rates accordingly. That means that an FuckU-FuckMe users will see slower performance when a network is overloaded, but will be good network "citizens," ensuring that their network administrators feel comfortable with FuckU-FuckMe traffic on their networks.

What is FuckU-FuckMe's rate of transmission?

Transmission rate depends on several important factors: Available bandwidth, the capabilities of the genitalDrive(tm) device, and the amount of stimulative activity. FuckU-FuckMe's optimizes performance by continually adjusting the rate of transmission for a given set of conditions.

Does FuckU-FuckMe require or support specific Web browsers?

FuckU-FuckMe works on its own, independent of Web browsers. It's based on a peer-to-peer communication model, rather than on a client/server model like the Web uses.

Can I launch FuckU-FuckMe directly from Internet Web pages?

Yes, by configuring FuckU-FuckMe as a helper application for your browser.

Will FuckU-FuckMe work with a Firewall?

All FuckU-FuckMe traffic is carried on UDP ports 9943, 9945 and 56768. A firewall must allow traffic on these ports to pass in order to use FuckU-FuckMe.
In addition, current versions of FuckU-FuckMe require the FuckU-FuckMe host to have a routable Internet address (i.e., one that is directly addressable from the public Internet, without translation by a proxy, NAT or firewall). A future version of FuckU-FuckMe will remove this limitation (see Host Not Found question).

Product use Product use

FuckU-FuckMe in use (click to enlarge)

Can I communicate with partners who use different computers than I do?

Presently FuckU-FuckMe only works with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. Macintosh and Linux versions are currently being developed.

Why do I always get "Host Not Found" whenever I try to connect?

An occassional "Host Not Found" may be due to temporary network problems, or because the party you tried to reach recently quit FuckU-FuckMe. If you always get "Host Not Found," then the most likely explanation is that you are using a private IP address. Current versions of FuckU-FuckMe will not work unless the FuckU-FuckMe host has a routable Internet address (see Firewall question).

Can I connect with a partner who uses America Online or CompuServe?

Yes, as long as your partner is able to connect to the Internet through his or her account, and is running the FuckU-FuckMe application.

Which modems work with FuckU-FuckMe?

Any modem connected to a network at 14.4 kbps or better with work with FuckU-FuckMe.

Is a condom really necessary when using the male version of FuckU-FuckMe?

Condoms are not just for contraception! We STRONGLY recommend using condoms with the male version of FuckU-FuckMe for sanitary reasons.

I am gay/lesbian. Is it possible for me to use FuckU-FuckMe with my same-sex partner?

Not at the moment, but if there is enough demand we will develop a versions for gay and lesbian couples. Please drop us a line at lesbigay@fufm.com.

Can I use FuckU-FuckMe for anal or oral sex?

Certainly! But be sure to set the preferences to oral/anal for best results. Ensure first that these acts are legal in your state. We cannot be held responsible for the legal consequences of extracoital use.

Can we use FuckU-FuckMe with TCP/IP or ISDN, and over LANs?

FuckU-FuckMe works over any TCP/IP network.

What kinds of security controls does FuckU-FuckMe offer?

All FuckU-FuckMe users can control whom they connect to on an individual basis. There's no need to go to a public reflector.

Can I be a beta tester of FuckU-FuckMe?

No, the product is ready-to-ship. However if you are interested in volunteering for future development contact us by email.

Can I buy shares in FuckU-FuckMe?

No, FuckU-FuckMe is owned by a privately limited company and we have no plans to issue shares to the public at any time in the future.

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