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System Requirements

Computer Requirements Windows´┐Ż 95/98 or Windows´┐Ż NT 4.0
Pentium processor, 133 megahertz (MHz) minimum (166MHz recommended for H.323 connections)
32 megabytes (MB) of RAM
10 MB of hard disk space
Network Connections: TCP/IP (Winsock compliant
IP address
33.6 Kbps (minimum) modem, LAN, Cable, or ISDN connection (56Kbps recommended for H.323 connections)
PPP for dial-up connection

Technical Specifications

Model A013/F and A013/M
Type Internal (bare drive)
Interface Connector E-IDE
Installation directon Horizontal, vertical
Power requirements DC 5V
Power consumption 20 W (max)
Dimensions(W x L x H) 146.0 x 203.0 x 41.3mm
Weight 1,7 (model A013/F) and 1,8 (model A013/M)
Front Panel
Software, manual
100.000 POH (duty 7%)

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