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Y2KFuckU-FuckMe version 1.0
Compliance Testing Statement.
  1. This document covers FuckU-FuckMe, from version 1.00 to the current released version.
  2. The statements made herein are full and factual, and represent the results of our own in-house testing of our products.

    1. FuckU-FuckMe was tested in the generally considered "standard' method of testing for Y2K for single applications.
    2. The clock was set to Dec 31st, 1999, and allowed to run to Jan 3rd, 2000. FuckU-FuckMe did not fail to perform any function.
    3. The clock was set to July 11th, 2000, FuckU-FuckMe was installed. Then FuckU-FuckMe did not fail, nor behave incorrectly.
    4. The clock was then set back to normal time and date. As expected, FuckU-FuckMe continued to function.

    This concludes our Year 2000 Compliance Testing Statement.  FuckU-FuckMe passed the tests for Y2K.

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