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Privatronics® facial masks.

All of our masks are designed to satisfy your needs. They are made out of the finest proprietary latex-based material. Enjoy your everyday work, leisure, sports, etc. without any inconvenience. In five minutes you will feel as comfortable as if you wore nothing on your face! Use it with your favorite wigs, hats, sunglasses or make-up!
  • Looks like real, feels like a second skin.
  • Custom-made according to simple face measurements provided by you.
  • Support for both sexes and all existing races.
  • Ready for make-up.
  • Very thin, but still durable, long-lasting.
  • Washable.
  • Your skin breathes.

    In order to provide absolute security each of our masks is randomly generated according to the information on sex, race and face dimensions provided by customers. Each mask therefore is absolutely unique. We ship our masks directly from the factory, excluding any unauthorized access and possible photographing.

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