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WIMP (Windows Interface Manipulation Program, also refers to Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointing device - the prehistorical GUI of the 1970's) is a program for creating full-screen visual animations synchronized with sound in real time. As the only visual input WIMP utilizes graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows operation system. Whatever applications windows, icons, images, texts, etc. you have open on your desktop - they become an inspiration source for WIMP and you. Animations are generated by simple 2- and 3-D effects and filters and their superimpositions. As such WIMP can be used as a VJ tool, a screensaver, a cool grafix generator or as a piece of conceptual art.

System requirements. WIMP is designed for use with different computers and has three levels of system requirements. For getting most of the program you will need Windows 2000 or XP and a 3D accelerator such as ATI Radeon 9500 or higher or Nvidia GeForce FX or higher. On the basic level you can run WIMP on a PC with rather modest configuration. The faster your video card is - the more effects you can produce with WIMP.

Freeware. At the moment WIMP comes as freeware; please refer to the license for conditions of distribution and use.

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