WIMP Pro is a real-time club quality VJ tool.
WIMP Pro uses still images (.jpg) and pre-recorded videos (.avi) as source for creating colorful animations, synchronized with a sound.
WIMP Pro has a revolutionary interface: any application windows open on your desktop (and the desktop itself) will be replaced with videos and still images of your choice.
WIMP Pro uses its own, different from mainstream VJ tools approach to treating visual objects. Each still image or video gets turned into a 3d object and processed as such.
WIMP Pro has over 20 2d and 3d effects, that can be superimposed on each other and which intensities (main and additional) can be varied.
WIMP Pro can work with four or more video/image layers.
WIMP Pro effects can react to sound, coming from an mp3 file, a CD, a mic or line-out of your computer.
WIMP Pro is a further development of WIMP, which is included in WIMP Pro.

System and data requirements. Windows 2000 or XP, rather fast computer (Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM), video card supporting shaders v.2.0 (ATI 9500+, GeForce FX+).
Screen resolution: 1024x768.
Make sure you have fresh video drivers installed.

Images. Use images of moderate size. Large images may slow down the action.

Videos. General rule here is: videos of higher resolution run smoother on faster computers. But right choice of a codec matters too. Try out different resolution/codec combinations to find one that fits your system best.

Shareware. WIMP Pro comes is Shareware; please refer to the license for conditions of distribution and use.
If you like the software you can purchase a registration key. This will remove an unregistered version watermark from the screen.

Credits. WIMP Pro is brought to you by Data eXchange Laboratory.
Developers: Victor Laskin <victor [at] wimp.ru> and Alexei Shulgin <alexei [at] wimp.ru>.


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